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Slots and Video Poker Strategy
How to win at slots and videopoker: (Strategy, plan, tactics, method, system, technique.)

Slot machines

There is very little you can do to influence the outcome at slots. Therefore, rather than try to influence or predict the outcome, a good strategy would be to be able to limit your losses and control your winnings. The tips below should help.

Learn to quit while ahead. It isn't easy but it will pay dividends. Remember, slot machines (and Video machines) are computers programmed to win. So, don't stay on the same machine longer than necessary. Use the 'hit and run' strategy - win and go.

Over the time, you will win more money using the higher denomination machines than the lower, but you will definitely need a money management system as you might get carried away and lose more money than you bargained for.

If you can't afford to play the maximum amount of coins or the higher denomination machines, drop down.

It is best not to replay or recycle your winnings. Have a set bankroll to start with, and when you have used it up, collect all your winnings (if any) and quit.

On a lucky day, if you are on a winning streak, have a few shots (2 or 3) at one of the $5 big-payouts machines. You never know! If you win - anything - take the cash and leave. Don't replay or recycle any of the winnings.

Video Poker

Decide on a strategy and stick with it. Decide whether you are going for a big money Royal Flush, with the biggest payback but the worst odds. Or, if you want to play a long time, go for the easier odds with frequent paybacks. In the first instance, on the first 5-card deal break a pair if you have a chance for a Royal Flush. In the second instance, always keep a pair.

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