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World Clock
International time zones:

Below is a short list of cities showing local times. For all other cities visit or click here.

Countries and cities (See time zone abbreviations below)

Abu Dhabi, Adelaide, Aden, Alaska, Alberta, Almaty, Afghanistan, Amman, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Ankara, Athens, Auckland, Azores, Baghdad, Bahrain, Baku, Bangkok, Beijing, Belfast, Berlin, Bern, Beirut, Bogota, Boston, Bratislava, Brazilia, Brazil, Brisbane, British Columbia, Brussells, Buenos Aires, Calcutta, Canada, Canberra, Cairo, Cardiff, Cape Town, Cape Verde, Caracas, Chicago, Chongqing, Colombo, Dammam, Darwin, Delhi, Denver, Dhakar, Dublin, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Eniwetok, Fiji, Georgetown, George, Guam, Guatemala, Hanoi, Harare, Hawaii, Helsinki, Hobart, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Iceland, India, Indian, Iran, Islamabad, Israel, Jakarta, Kabul, Kamchatka, Kathmandu, Kazan, Kingston, Kuala Lumpar, Kuwait, Kwaialein, Labrador, Lagos, La Paz, Lima, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Angelis, Madras, Madrid, Magadan, Malta, Manila, Manitoba, Maritimes, Marshall, Melbourne, Memphis, Mexico, Miami, Midway, Monrovia, Montevideo, Montreal, Morocco, Moscow, Muscat, Nairobi, New Caledonia, Newfoundland, New Orleans, New York, Ontario, Osaka, Paris, Perth, Phoenix, Port Moresby, Portugal, Prague, Pretoria, Quebec, Rangoon, Riga, Rio de Janero, Riyadh, Rome, Salt Lake, Samoa, San Antonio, Francisco, Santa Fe, Sapporo, Sarajevo, Saskatchewan, Seattle, Seoul, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Saint Louis, Petersburg, Suva, Sydney, Taipei, Tbilisi, Tehran, Texas, Tokyo, Tijuana, Urumqi, Valletta, Vancouver, Vienna, Vladivostok, Volgograd, Warsaw, Washington, Wellington, Winnipeg, Yakutsk, Yukon, Zagreb.

Main time zone abbreviations

GMT = Greenwich Mean Time
UTC = Universal Time Coordinated (the same as GMT)
UT = Universal Time based on the Earth's rotation often used in Astronomy
TAI = International Atomic Time based on atomic clocks

Regional time zone abbreviations


  • GMT Greenwich Mean Time GMT
  • BST British Summer Time GMT+1 hour
  • IST Irish Summer Time GMT+1
  • WET Western Europe Time GMT
  • WEST Western Europe Summer Time GMT+1
  • CET Central Europe Time GMT+1
  • CEST Central Europe Summer Time GMT+2
  • EET Eastern Europe Time GMT+2
  • EEST Eastern Europe Summer Time GMT+3
  • MSK Moscow Time GMT+3
  • MSD Moscow Summer Time GMT+4

US and Canada. In the US, in those places that observe DST: DST begins at 2am on the first Sunday in April, DST ends at 2am on the last Sunday in October.

  • NST Newfoundland Standard Time GMT-3:30
  • NDT Newfoundland Daylight Time GMT-2:30
  • AST Atlantic Standard Time GMT-4
  • ADT Atlantic Daylight Time GMT-3
  • EST Eastern Standard Time GMT-5 (Indianapolis all year)
  • EDT Eastern Daylight Saving Time GMT-4 (New York during summer)
  • ET Eastern Time, as EST or EDT * (New York)
  • CST Central Standard Time GMT-6
  • CDT Central Daylight Saving Time GMT-5
  • CT Central Time, either as CST or CDT * (Chicago)
  • MST Mountain Standard Time GMT-7
  • MDT Mountain Daylight Saving Time GMT-6
  • MT Mountain Time, either as MST or MDT * (Denver)
  • PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8 (Los Angeles during winter)
  • PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time GMT-7 (Los Angeles during summer)
  • PT Pacific Time, either as PST or PDT * (Los Angeles)
  • AKST Alaska Standard Time GMT-9
  • AKDT Alaska Standard Daylight Saving Time GMT-8
  • HST Hawaiian Standard Time GMT-10 hours (Honolulu)

* The actual time zone depends on the time and the place. Some places are on standard time all year long, but most places observe daylight saving time in the summer.


  • EST/AEST Eastern Standard Time GMT+10 hours
  • EDT/AEDT Eastern Daylight Time GMT+11
  • CST/ACST Central Standard Time GMT+9.5
  • CDT/ACDT Central Daylight Time GMT+10.5
  • WST/AWST Western Standard Time GMT+8

An A (Australian) is sometimes prefixed to these abbreviations to distinguish them from abbreviations in Northern America.

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